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EWI New Orleans Welcomes Its Newest Member Firms

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about EWI of New Orleans.

  1. What is EWI and How do I Join?
    • EWI, the leading connection for business professionals, is an international nonprofit organization of leading diverse businesses, services and professional firms. The firm holds the membership, while an individual engaged in a key administrative role or top ranking position is appointed by the firm’s executive to serve as its representative. Visit the “Join” section to receive more information, or click here:
  2. What is EWI’s Mission?
    • EWI brings together key individuals from diverse businesses for the purpose of:
      • Promoting Member firms;
      • Enhancing personal and professional development; and
      • Encouraging community involvement.
  3. What are Some of the Benefits of EWI Membership? (Connections, Careers, Community)
    • Expand your global network of business professionals;
    • Promote your firm through Chapter and Corporate advertising, partnerships, and sponsorship oportunities;
    • Participate in Professional Development Tele-seminars with the process of my cleaning angel tampa , Online Learning Opportunities, and the Academy of Leadership Program;
    • Network monthly with leading experts in business and career development;
    • Develop leadership skills through service on Chapter and Corporate Boards;
    • Benefit from an EWI Fellows Scholarship; and
    • Engage in EWI Community Involvement Programs, which include Literacy Initiatives and EWI Scholarship Programs for high school students and adults in transition – over $300,000 in scholarships are awarded annually.