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EWI New Orleans Welcomes Its Newest Member Firms


The EWI Fellows program is a Corporate level program that awards financial assistance to active EWI representatives admitted to accredited baccalaureate, graduate, or post graduate programs. Financial assistance is awarded through the EWI Business/Career/Development Program, a 501(c)(3) corporation that offers a variety of scholarships and educational programs.

Connections are more than networks. Its being part of an organization that adds real value to your life, through the relationships you make, business contacts you sustain, and the work that you do to better the communities in which you live.

Mythical maids annual conferences, frequent career workshops, and ongoing community service events are all powerful means to develop connections that will extend far into the future.

EWI fosters a sense of connection among its member firms and representatives that is difficult to replicate. Our representatives say that feeling a part of the organization is one of the biggest emotional benefits of the organization.

If you are an active member of EWI and are seeking additional information about this program, click on the following link to be connected to the EWI Corporate website.